About us

Discover the history behind The Blue Grass Bend


Our history

Blue Grass Bend first opened in 2021, hand-delivering fresh produce to our friends and family close by. Before we knew it, our service area grew as quickly as our garden did!

Today we offer a range of products from garden-fresh produce to pasture-raised protein. These can be found on our Market Cart, ordered for pick-up, or hand-delivered in the Davenport, Blue Grass, and Muscatine areas.

Who are we?

Blue Grass Bend is a family homestead, nestled in rich Iowa soils, right off the Mississippi River. We aim to provide high-quality, locally-grown produce and pasture-raised protein.

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Faces behind The Bend

Our team


Ann Spies, Owner / Operator

Passionate about sustainability and self-sufficiency, Ann is the visionary of Blue Grass Bend. Through hands-on experience and a very green thumb, Ann began BGB in 2021. Over the last few years, she has cultivated a thriving homestead garden; eventually expanding into cattle and poultry. Originally from Davenport, she is proud of her Iowa roots and actively looks for ways to give back to her community.


Corry Spies, Owner / Operator

Born and raised in the Blue Grass area, Corry has been surrounded by Iowa agriculture his whole life. From his early days on family farms to his children’s livestock projects, he’s always been ready to tackle anything. Over BGB’s lifetime, Corry has been the resident handyman for any project that includes building, fixing, hauling, or livestock. As an educator in the community, he believes learning is lifelong, especially in agriculture.


Hannah Spies, Marketing

Daughter of Ann and Corry, Hannah helps with all things marketing for BGB. Growing up in Iowa, Hannah found a passion for agriculture early in life showing livestock and horses since the age of 6. Later on, she received her degree in Agricultural Business and Entrepreneurship from Iowa State University (Roll Clones!). Hannah now resides in Kansas, providing remote support and visiting The Bend as often as she can.

CB, Mascot / Head of Security

CB keeps a watchful eye over all happenings at BGB. He is a 14-year-old American Paint gelding who can be quite noisy if you’re browsing the market cart. His responsibilities at Blue Grass Bend include mowing the pastures, maintaining a low peppermint inventory, and greeting guests.