The Market Cart

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Built with you in mind

Why the Market Cart?

We understand not everyone has time on the weekend for a farmer’s market trip. Thus, the market cart was born. Think of this as a farmer’s market on YOUR SCHEDULE; any day or time, you have access to straight-from-the-garden produce.

Simple and easy to use

The Market Cart is designed to make life easy, so buying from it should be easy too! Our Cart runs on the honor system, featuring a payment dropbox on the left-hand side. All products are clearly marked with prices and pre-weighed for your convenience. 



Produce weekly

We frequently restock the Market Cart, typically on Mondays, but often have restocks throughout the week.


Refrigerated products

A large cooler on the right side of the Market Cart holds whatever cold produce/products we have in stock.


Flexible hours

The Market Cart works with your schedule, whether it be an early morning or late night stop.


Honor system

Payment works on the honor system with a drop box attached to the cart accepting both cash and checks.


Special orders

Don't see what you are looking for? Feel free to message us and we will do our best to get you what you need.


Convenient location

Blue Grass Bend is just south of Blue Grass, right off the main drag, with an easy pull-up location for our Market Cart.

All the Details


When is the Market Cart open?

We aim for convenience on your schedule! Our Market Cart is self-service all day long. We do close down The Cart for the winter season.

When is the Market Cart restocked?

Our restocks happen throughout the week, but Monday’s are usually our largest harvest. Anytime we have fresh product, we get it out on the cart as quickly as possible, sticking true to our straight-from-the-garden promise!

How does payment work?

Because our Market Cart is self-service, we work on the honor system. A payment drop box is attached on the left of the cart, currently accepting cash or checks. Prices are as marked on the products. **Please address checks to “Blue Grass Bend, LLC”.

What products are featured on the Market Cart?

Because garden produce rotates seasonally, so do the products on our cart. To view the most up-to-date products on the Market Cart, follow Blue Grass Bend on Facebook.

Do you announce restocks or new products?

Anytime we have a large harvest or new products being featured on the Market Cart, we will always post on our Facebook page!

Have more questions?

We are always here to help and have multiple ways you can get ahold of us!